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TSBV Sauron was officially established on November 25th, 1982, and has the goal to “practice the badminton sport in any sense of its manifestations”, according to the statues. 1982 was a long time ago and a lot has changed ever since. TSBV Sauron has always been an active student badminton association and is known by its sister associations throughout the Netherlands. Outside of badminton, the association also offers informal activities, so that members do not get the feeling they only play sports with other students, but also form close friendships with those that share the same passion in sports.

Throughout the years the association has hosted several tournaments in which students throughout the Netherlands participated in. We ourselves also participated in tournaments organized by sister associations. We even set foot abroad! Outside of badminton we had member evenings, member weekends, barbecues, you name it.

Around 2011/2012 we were unable to find a new board, and the once so close association saw its activities decline. In 2013 we officially became “asleep”. As of April 2014 we restarted to make this association active again and to get back to where we were. In the present day this goal was achieved and we have over 65 members.