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Members have it the best!

Enjoy the Wednesday Club Nights where you can play matches against players of various levels! On top of that, we organize a couple of fun tournaments throughout the year. For example, we have the Sinterklaas tournament in December or End-of-the-year tournament – the one where we crown the true champion of the association.

Join us for informal events outside of badminton! To get to know other members better you could join our drinks after the club night, or join one of the monthly events we have with the association. One of which being the Yonex Dutch Open, a chance to see the top 30 of the world competing in a professional tournament!

Moreover, there is a possibility to become active within the association. A board or committee function offer many new things to learn. We greatly value the effort members put in organizing an activity or the time they take in volunteering for certain events.

All together this association is a great addition to your student life! Want to join us?

Membership fee:

  • €30 for 1 year membership
  • €20 for half a year membership
Fill the form now and become a part of TSBV Sauron community:

In case you have any questions regarding the association or the sign-up sheet you can always contact for questions, or drop by at one of the trainings!